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Share a family history... and “character history”

“From my parents’ business, I remember the kitchen where my mother Thérèse was in charge. Her table d’hôtes were enjoyed by all. The customers ate, drank a beer or a glass of wine, always in lengthy discussions with my father”.

Jean-Marie Remy, son of Pierre and Thérèse Remy.


The Les Vallées Hotel,
what a history!

Do you want to go skiing in Vosges? Do you want a holiday that is both authentic and unique? If there is a hotel-residence which is out of the ordinary - extraordinary, in short - it’s the Les Vallées Hotel. Its history, like its character, is inseparable from the women and men who imagined, designed, built, renovated and extended it over the generations. And the personalities of its different owners. But, upon reflection, no... In the Remy family, one doesn’t completely possess this hotel-residence... One takes care of it for the next generation. Passing down values first, followed by heritage. Since 1900, each guardian has taken this beautiful hotel and family-oriented story a step further, making it grow by leaving his/her mark.
The tone has been set.

Perpetuate tradition? It goes without saying

Today, Mrs Françoise Remy is at the head of the Les Vallées Hotel, and perpetuates the beautiful family tradition.
She has, of course, naturally found her place, in the long line of Remys who have preceded her, adding her mark to this emotional and patrimonial building, the cornerstone of the family’s success. Here, tradition is also in the maturation, reflection and vision.
The Les Vallées Hotel, which has become a flagship for the Labellemontagne group, strives to uphold the spirit and soul of the former “café du Faubourg”, which became “l’hôtel des Vallées” in 1925. Even the employees have dropped anchor and taken root here, some of which for nearly 40 years. In this place which is not like any other, there is life and...life is very much present. And life is beautiful!

Today and for almost a century, the Remy family and the Les Vallées Hotel have perpetuated this tradition of welcome and friendliness that echoes through Vosges like an invitation for 3 generations... Where you’ll feel at home in a simple fashion.