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ACTIVITIESexplore the feeling of freedom

In the heart of the natural park of the Ballons des Vosges, leisure activities go hand in hand with pleasure, diversity with freedom, and authenticity with modernity. Off the beaten track, the Bresse-Hohneck resort has developed a range of sports and fun activities in perfect harmony with the wide range of aspirations of a clientèle besotted with life-size thrills.

A world of sensations at the foot of the Les Vallées Hotel

Here, whether its aerial, alpine, urban or water-based, there is more than one sport for every season and which is more than perfect. From summer tobogganing to paragliding, from telemark skiing to snowmobiles, from mountain biking to go-karting on ice... Almost a hundred summer or winter activities can be experienced close to the “Les Vallées” hotel and residence complex. Up to you to decide.

In Winter ? Enjoy the largest ski resort in North-East France

Here, a winter getaway with a board(s) on your feet. No smoke and mirrors, just the fresh and powdery snow, where you can make the first tracks if you enjoy getting up at sunrise, and riding freely. Maybe you prefer packed snow, interspersed with welcoming terraces, weaving over 220 hectares dedicated to alpine or Nordic skiing.

Here, there are slopes of all colours: 7 green, 20 blue, 14 red, and 1 black... And then there’s life after skiing. Break the ice by bivouacking in an igloo, and really go for it, enjoy yourselves! Nature offers an exceptional playing field, just a few meters from the Lés Vallées hotel and the residence complex. From Opoual to the slopes of Opoualand, from Waouland to the Snow Park, take the time to look around, where Winter glorifies the landscapes. It’s no longer a stay, but a journey.

What about Summer? A gentle slope...or not, depending on what you prefer

Paddles or flippers? Swing or wind? More Riva or more river? Why choose? Here, all your leisure activities are the nature of our being. Here, there is an alchemy betweens seasons and the elements, for infinite possibilities in terms of thrills... Here, to chase myths, go paragliding and fly over the peaks. Or zip lining. Or climb the peaks.And in terms of free wheeling, mountain biking beginners will reach new summits of pleasure going downhill. In the blink of an eye, go from enduro to the bikepark, from river fishing to canyoning or swimming in fresh waters. In one word, summer: a time for leisure activities with the intensity of our landscapes, the character strength of our history and the versatility of the water in our lakes and torrents, which, over the 4 seasons, is neither entirely the same nor entirely different. Try for yourself.

The advantages of the Les Vallées Hotel

  • Tennis, squash, gaming room, snooker
  • relaxation area with indoor heated pool
  • Events during the school holidays
  • Extremely comfortable bedrooms
  • A quality service
  • Traditional dining